This energetic Body Oil Treatment derives from Gua sha - a healing technique of traditional East Asian Medicine that involves applying oil and scraping your skin repeatedly in a downward motion with a massage tool (jade stone or horn). It is intended to move stagnant Ki (energy) and to improve your circulation.

So if you like the feeling of oil on your skin, this technique might be yours!

All Be Fine Massage

This is a special Shiatsu Oil Massage for the senses. Calming and supporting essences like lavender, bergamot or ylang ylang, smooth music and a cozy ambience will give you the space to take a timeout, just for you. You can deeply relax and so gain strength again. Just try it!

女 On'na Massage

This Shiatsu Massage works similar, just the focus is different. On'na means woman in Japanese. Here we use Rose Oil and also create the space you need, to get in touch with your inner On'na.