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生活衛生 Seikatsu eisei - Life hygiene!

Nowadays, it is very easy to get useful information about health and lifestyle issues from books, the internet or a personal advisor. You just have to choose wisely a good source.
In my mission of kenko well-being, I will mention a few topics to consider, that affect our daily life. Some of them, we can work out in the Shiatsu practice.

  • nutrition (to receive "gathering Ki" from the food, TCM)
  • breathing (to receive "gathering Ki" from the respiratory air, TCM)
  • exercise (to release stagnant Ki)
  • footwear (to ensure a good support of your skeleton and not to harm it and other body parts)
  • stress management (to find your balance between active and passive)
  • harmony (Feng Shui)
  • sexuality (to have a deep connection with yourself and your partner, Tantra)

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